About us

JUDr. Róbert Fatura has been registered in Slovak Bar Association as a lawyer since 2004, under license number No. 3474. From 2002 to 2004 he was a member of the Chamber of Commercial Lawyers, which was subsequently merged with the Bar Association. The law firm consists from young team of dynamically growing people which with JUDr. Fatura provide legal services and advise on the whole territory of Slovakia in Slovak and also in English language. From its establishment, our law firm employs the articled clerks and other qualified persons and cooperates with expert organizations, tax and economic advisers, courts of arbitration, notary publics, the executorships and other persons and subjects for maximum professionalism and efficiency of the realization requirements of clients. JUDr. Róbert Fatura has been carried out also a bankruptcy trustee since 2002 and since 2005 he has been registered in the list of trustees held by Ministry of Justice of the Slovak republic under registration No. S628. For nearly 13 years our law firm has realized several bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings for bankrupts which operates in various business areas with a different range (small, medium, large companies). When we providing legal service, we attach the utmost importance to the interest of our client and it represents our top priority. We provide legal advice and assistance in all areas of law, especially in civil, commercial, criminal, labor, insolvency law and more. A law office also occasionally provides real-estate services in the scope of sale and purchase of property of all kinds.