Legal services

Our law office specializes in providing legal aid in the following areas in particular:

Civil law

Our law firm provides legal services in contentious and non-contentious agenda, within the scope of contentious agenda we representation before courts of law in civil disputes and other legal entities, prepare for our clients different types of actions, legal analysis, opinions and other administration with legal content. We always try to give preference to extrajudicial settlement of disputes, which saves time and money for all involved parties. JUDr. Róbert Fatura also acts as an arbitrator in the first Arbitral Tribunal of Trenčín with registered office Piaristická 276/46, 911 40 Trenčín and the Permanent Arbitration Court of the Slovak Banking Association with registered office Rajská 15 / A, 811 08 Bratislava. Within the scope of the non-dispute agenda we execute different types of contracts and agreements for our clients in all areas of civil law. Our law firm has extensive experiences in collect claims , family law (divorce, alimony, modification contact with a minor child, community property of spouses, etc.) and land law (tenancy in common settlement and termination of tenancy in common, etc.) and inheritance law.

Commercial law

Based on our knowledge and long-standing experience we provide professional service for business entities (corporate law), which includes the establishment and changes in companies or their dissolution or liquidation, also through the bankruptcy proceedings. Within the scope of our services we provide clients legal advice in all spheres of activity of the company (labor law, organizational structure, contractual relationships, business terms, etc.), we draft for clients also various contracts, agreements, legal administration, collect claims and represent clients in the various types of court proceedings.

Criminal law

Due to very large number of cases conducted by us, we have an extensive experience in criminal law. We provide legal services to the perpetrators of a crime but also to the victims of a crime. We also represent a client in proceedings of damages incurred through incorrect official procedure or illegal ruling by administrative bodies. Within the scope of the services of the law firm we follow the principles of justice and adequate punishment for duly proved the guilt of the perpetrator.

Labor Law

Legal services in the area of labor law, our law firm provides both subjects of labor relations. We represent employees and employers, for example in the invalidity proceedings termination of employment or compensation for damage caused by one of the parties of employment and also in other types of legal problems in the area of labor law.

Family Law

We give a helping hand to the clients also in the area of family law. This area includes, mainly: child custody, child visitation, child support, separation agreements, divorce and alimony. Within the frame of the divorce we ensure comprehensive service in matters of property of spouses.

Insolvency law

The legal team of the law firm, also due to the fact that JUDr. Róbert Fatura acts as a trustee, has extensive experience in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings. We provide clients complete and comprehensive legal services such as logging of client´s claims in bankruptcy or restructuring proceedings, representation at meetings of creditors and creditors’ committees, drafting all types of motions in this area of law, monitoring the implementation of restructuring plans and all acts necessary to effectively protect the clients’ interests.

Administrative Law

In a difficult area of administrative law we give a helping hand to clients mainly in the areas of building law (area management, construction management, building approval), representation in misdemeanor proceedings and the imposition of other types of administrative sanctions and also in tax proceedings.