Remuneration for services

Lawyers’ fees for legal services are established in Decree of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic No. 655/2004 Coll., on Remuneration and Reimbursement of Lawyers for the provision of legal services as amended. During the first meeting, where our team communicating with the client about the problem and finding the optimal solution, our law firm does not charge fee. When the client decide, whether we can assist him/her, the fees are determined based on the agreement between the law firm and the client. Forms of lawyer´s compensation:

  • contractual remuneration: we may arrange with the client on the method and amount of the contractual remuneration
  • hourly fee: his method of remuneration calculation is based on the number of hours needed to provide the legal services
  • flat fee: The type of remuneration may be agreed for providing legal services in a given period of time or indefinitely, or for a complete equipment case or set of cases
  • contingent fee: In this case the agreed remuneration is a proportion of the value of the matter which is the subject of proceedings before a court or other authority
  • tariff fee: The rate of the tariff fee is determined by the value of the case or the rights and the number of acts of legal services, which attorney did in this case